Coaching Women

We can work together towards getting you to the point you want to be by:

*exploring ways to reduce the stresses that that life throws at you

*to build and strengthen your sense of compassion as a mother. *Helping you to find effective ways to juggle between the various roles you play.

*Finding ways to feel more fulfilled and at ease, building on your core needs and values as we set intentions and goals moving forward. *Deciding on your meaningful boundaries, capabilities and assessing where to draw your limits.

*Becoming more present and living more consciously.

*Setting new habits and patterns to live by.

*Finding and enhancing your inner strengths and valuing them as assets.

*Learning to love and accept yourself as you are.

Healing Hearts Support Circle

I currently run monthly support groups for moms who have experienced:


* Infant loss, stillbirth

* Miscarriage and infertility

* Parenting support

* Post Partum Depression/ motherhood circle

* Positive Birth circle

Healing happens when women feel supported and held by other women in their communities and huge emotional blocks and challenges are unraveled and overcome when they feel unjudged, understood, acknowledged and heard.

More support circles are in the pipeline. Let us know what needs you think we aught to meet.

Naseera Presenting on Perinatal grief, infant loss and how mothers can heal

Mindful women retreats



Motherhood celebrations

Nurture retreats

Growth getaways