Healing Hearts Support Circles

We currently run a monthly support group for moms who have experienced Infant loss, stillbirth, miscarriage and infertility. Healing happens when women feel supported and held by other women in their communities and huge emotional blocks and challenges are unraveled and overcome when they feel unjudged, understood, acknowledged and heard.

More support circles are in the pipeline. Let us know what needs you think we aught to meet.

Doula services for all births and trimesters

I offer my doula services for a nominal fee to women and couples who anticipate an emergency, unexpected, or still birth during any stage of pregnancy and in any trimester. 

Volunteer with Birth Kuwait

Naseera is an active volunteer with the womens NGO in Kuwait, Birth Kuwait. The NGO is involved in Birth Advocacy, Birth Education, training and development. Breastfeeding and Infant care programs are also running under Birth Kuwait, as well as the support groups for moms to socialise and give back to each other.

Coaching youth at Loyac

It was an honor to offer life coaching and training services to youth in Kuwait. The internship program develops youth to enter the work field and gain work experience in various sectors in Kuwait.