Naseera uses hypnotherapy to teach couples techniques such as guided imagery, visualizations and calming breath for safe birthing. The techniques train you to achieve deep relaxation, release your fears and anxiety around birth and gain trust in your body's ability. Her counseling skills, as well as her experience in life coaching and Neuro Linguistic programming can assist moms through post natal depression, birth trauma and dealing with the anxiety of becoming a mother.

Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood coaching 

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga focuses on an expectant moms physical, emotional, mental states. This form of yoga assists women during pregnancy and birth and to be their optimal selves. Pregnancy yoga is the perfect way to safely exercise while you are pregnant and is recommended for any pregnant woman who has her doctors approval.

Birth Education for expecting couples

These classes will give you and understanding about the physiology of your pregnant body, it will equip you with confidence to ask for the birth you want (within reason). Your birth partner will also feel more equipped to support you. We discuss labour, pain management and perception, how to prepare for the unexpected, the pros and cons of interventions, and breaking down the fears we hold. This course aims to empower you as you prepare for your most ideal birth and transition into motherhood.

Doula services are customized to the needs of the birthing mom and her support team. I provide emotional Support, by helping create a birth plan that is unique to every mom and gives her confidence in voicing her needs. I also proved physical comfort measures such as massage, labor positions, hydrotherapy, optimal fetal positioning, aromatherapy, acupressure, deep relaxation and visualization techniques. I would also Advocate for the mom by helping a woman to resource the community of birth services she needs to tap into and by facilitating her birth plan into action. A variety of packages are offered to suit your budget, circumstance and choices.


  • Nurture theFirst time Mama

  • Nurture the Experienced Mama

  • Nurture the Elective Cesarean 

  • Holistic Nurture (complete package)

  • Nurture Virtually

  • Nurture the stillbirth

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Labor and Birth Doula Services


Motherhood celebrations

Nurture retreats

Growth getaways

Mindful Retreats

urture with


(Meditation and positive thinking for pregnancy and  birth)

Hypnobirthing is an approach to childbirth that encourages following ones instinct, focusing internally on a relaxed and positive state of mind with the understanding that "where the mind leads, the body will follow".

The mind is a powerful tool, powerful in all spheres of life. When it is focused positively and optimally it has the capacity to speed labor, manage pain, stay fully present and aware, active yet relaxed all at the same time.

The hypnobirthing course will help you work through current fears, stressors and limitations you have around pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and early motherhood. The exercises will assist you to release your baggage and set a new framework of thinking. Learning to trust your body, be in control of the emotions and thoughts you have is a wonderful skill that you will learn and be able to carry through beyond your birth.

You will learn:

  • How to achieve an empowered, positively focused birth

  • Renew your understanding of PAIN and its relation to birth

  • How to break down common myths and misinformation about  labor and birth

  • To release fear and anxiety around birth

  • To understand labor and birth

  • Comfort measures to use in labor and birth

  • To choose interventions wisely

  • How to create your ideal birth

  • Thought patterns to cope in emergencies or unforeseen circumstances

  • Meditation, visualization, imagery and affirmations to make the transition from pregnancy to mother hood smooth

Hypnobirthing: Hypnotherapy for birth

Nurture Sessions

  • Not yet pregnant

  • Birth/ Postpartum Planning

  • Empower & Educate your Birth Partner

  • Nurturing the Postpartum Mother

  • Nurturing the cesarean Mama

  • Nurture your Anxiety for Birth

  • Stress Reduction with Nurture

  • Eliminating fears 

  • General Birth consultation sessions tailored to your needs

  • Birth Debrief session