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I believe that our pregnancies and births greatly affect the rest of our lives. Powerful triggers and anchors are set during this time, memories of which will surface time and time again throughout the rest of our lives. This time connects us to our own births and childhoods and links us to our kids and the memories they will store. We have the power over our own choices. It's up to us to reset, restore and reconcile our pasts, filtering only what can build us as mothers. We can choose to set empowering paths as we navigate this time, paths that will set the foundation for confident motherhood. Giving our kids and ourselves our very best start. There is no manual but there are ways to invest in yourself to become the best you.

I hold a postgraduate degree in Social Science and Psychology and have lived in South Africa, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. During this time I worked as a life coach, counselor and birth coach/ doula, prenatal yoga teacher and facilitator of womens' support circles. I have a thirst for knowledge and am always looking for a new challenge. 


When I was expecting my first baby I realized that there was a gap in services being offered to moms who want a holistic and empowered experience for pregnancy and birth. I only had the hospital as a reference point and couldn't find answers to my questions. That was the beginning of my motherhood journey. I educated myself about birth, breastfeeding, parenting, etc and then wanted to help other parents who would often find themselves alone in similar situations.


I became a life coach, continued to pursue hypnotherapy for birth and then became a doula. The next natural step was to become a yoga teacher for pregnant moms, and be equipped enough to support families through traumatic and unexpected births. I tap into a variety of modalities when coaching women through their most precious and beautiful stages of their lives and love being able to support moms and women who want to be moms. Building a women's confidence as she enters and transitions through this phase of life is a privilege and honor.